Thursday, October 21, 2010

welcome TO OUR blog...

Bismillah hirrahmanirrahim,

       Syukur kerna diberi kesempatan utk me'launch' blog BUTIK SHOPAHOLIC ni.Ever since people talk about on9 business will make u really rich. Really? I mean really really? Anyhow, WELCOME everyone to my blog page!!

        Here is the thing, I know this the 1st, this is gonna to be challenging but since I wanna become somebody,someone. Why not, right? "You've got to be passionate about it,"  that the challenge I talk about. basically this blog will link all my friend n becoming fren to my page on Facebook- Misha Butik Dania. What a feeling!!

        Selling is my hobbies so I'm really good at selling( I guess). I'm selling anything is legally can sell n currently the products are PERFUME (miniature, AA, ori reject), LV REPLICA BAGS (name it handbag ,sling bag, wallet, purse), kopiah (secara borong sahaja), JUICY COUTURE merchandise n etc.

        As people always say, "Stop just thinking about it, and make it happen." Wish me luck pal, may Allah SWT bless me n the path I took. Happy shopping with me n i promise I'm so intto this. Selling is mylife. Feel free to go through my page n any Q,pls don't hesitate to ask me. until we meet again!!


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